Return to Play Guidelines

    Last updated: 14 September 2021


    Return to Play guidelines are evolving at a rapid pace.  Although current, these guidelines will be modified several times throughout the curling season.  We realize this may cause some disruptions for some participants.  The intent is to host an enjoyable and sociable activity in an environement that is compliant with the safeguards recommended by the appropriate health officials.  Lets cooperate, have fun, and stay safe!

    • Entering the Building - when you enter the building there will be only 2 persons allowed inside the front door at any one time and all persons must be masked until they begin active play. You will first have to scan a QR code for contact tracing purposes or sign a register if you do not have a cell phone. Next, you will provide proof of double vaccination along with personal identification. Then you will be allowed to remove outdoor footwear before you proceed to the locker rooms; all other outerwear will be hung in the locker rooms.
    • Locker Rooms – to support physical distancing, only a maximum of 9 persons will be allowed in the ladies’ locker room; a maximum of 12 in the men’s locker room. Lockers are available for rent; if you do not have a locker, leave your personal effects under a chair or any other suitable location within the locker room. Once you are dressed for play, leave the locker room and proceed to the ice surface.
    • Game Starts – to avoid a bottle neck at the entrance to the building, there will be two start times for each draw, i.e., 6:15 and 6:30 for the first draw, 8:30 and 8:45 for the second draw. Game play will be 2 hours.
    • Game Play – The EOHU is allowing us to play without masks.  The club will be following the updated CurlON guidelines and CurlCanada protocols for “Return to Play with Covid Restrictions”. What does this mean for your game play?
      • One sweeper only on all stones.
      • The skip or vice skip (not both) of the non-delivering team must stand in the hack area until all stones come to rest and the other team has relinquished control of the house. They are not allowed to sweep the opposition stone behind the T-Line.
      • Neither skip or vice skip (both teams) may sweep any stones (both colours) set in motion by the delivering team.
    • Game Ends – when your game ends, you will exit the ice via the ramp to the lounge where you can sit 8 to a table if everyone is comfortable with it. Alternatively, there will be eight tables in the lounge – one for each team – in the event teams prefer to sit alone. All tables will be spaced 6’ apart.
    • Washrooms – use of washrooms will be reduced to allow for social distancing. Once the next draw has filed on to the ice, players in the first draw may return to the locker room to retrieve their items.

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    Other resources

    • Eastern Ontario Health Unit
    • Curling Canada
    • Send questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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