There are many opportunities to volunteer at the club.  Each member not opt-out to volunteer is responsible to sign-up to volunteer at least 8 hours per year. If you did not sign-up to volunteer during Registration Night, you can use this tool to inform the Volunteer Coordinator.

Once you are signed up to volunteer, a coordinator will contact you before the event to confirm your availability.  NOTE: you do not need to sign-up to volunteer for bar for your own league; your League Convenor will assign you to bar duty.  Remember to track those hours under "My Volunteer Hours".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any volunteers woking behind the bar MUST have their own SMART SERVE number.  This includes servers and cashiers.

If you need more information about volunteering opportunities, contact your League Convenor or the Volunteer Coordinator

Here's how to sign-up to Volunteer:

  1. Login to 
  2. In the Member menu, select My Volunteer Interests under Member Information 
    mnuVol SignUp 

  3. Select your volunteer interest by selecting a Radio buton & Comment, and/or clicking on the "See Details" link. For example, if you can volunteer in the Kitchen on Fridays for lunch, select "Available" next to "Kitchen", and type under Comment "any Friday for lunch, from 10am to 2pm".  To sign-up for a specific bonspiel or club role (e.g. ice maker), click the appropriate "See details" link.  Be sure to click SAVE once you're done.
    "Volunteer SignUP

  4. If "See details" is selected, click the arrow next to your interest; the number indicates the number of open spots remaining to sign-up.  In the example below, The Broder is selected for sign-up.
    Volunteer Details
  5. After clicking the arrow, the next screen shows your credentials; you can add an optional Comment.  If you selected "Other", please add a comment for the Volunteer Coordinator how you can help.  Once your done, be sure to click SIGN ME UP!
    Volunteer Task
  6. If you've signed up by mistake, click on the "X" next to your name to remove your interest.
    Volunteer Record