Here's a list of the most popular Bonspiels in our area.

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 Bonspiel   Date   Description 
 Swing & Sweep  October (early) 1-day
 The Gamble  November (mid) 1-day
 Frank Thompson Bonspiel  November (end)

Social bonspiel for all members
Meet new people and curl with members from other leagues

 TurkeySpiel  December (mid) 1-day
 The Broder  January (mid) 1-day
 Sr. Cashspiel  February (early) 1-day

 February FunSpiel
(Midnight Madness)

 February (early) 1-day
 Ladies Invitational  February (mid) 1-day
 Big 4 - Bantam  February (mid) 1-day
 Senior Sullivan  February (mid) 1-day
 The Merkley  February (mid) 1-day
 Men's CashSpiel  February (end) Multi-day
 Russell / Metcalfe Interclub  March (early) 1-day
 City of Ottawa Bonspiel games  March break Multi-day
 RAS Bonspiel  March (mid) 1-day
 RCC Travelers Playdowns  April (early) Multi-day
 Closing Bonspiel  April (mid) 1-day