Each member is responsible to track their own volunteer hours.  The Volunteer Coordinator may contact you first to volunteer for an event if you have not yet completed your mandatory 8 hours per year.

Here's how to track your hours:

  1. Login to www.russellcurlingclub.com 
  2. In the Member menu, select My Volunteer Hours under Member Information 
    mnuVol hours 

  3. In the calendar, click on the date you volunteered - the date will populate the date field, e.g. "2018-09-13"Volunteer Date

  4. In the Event drop down, select how you volunteered. For example if you are assigned to bar by your League Convenor, select "Bar - Open & Close" or "Bar - Main".
    Volunteer Event
  5. For Events "Bonspiels" and "Club Support", also select the Task details, e.g. "Administration (Fundraising, ...)".  Add an optional Comment.
    Volunteer Task
  6. Enter the time in hours:minutes, separated by a colon ":", e.g. "2:00",  then click SAVE
  7. Your volunteer hours will be recorded below; you can click the EDIT button to make changes, or DELETE to remove it
    Volunteer Record